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Our Playground App is designed for creative networking. You can use our app to find the perfect collaborators for your projects across all creative fields. Showcase your creative work across our platform to build your dream team and bring your visions to life with our collaboration tools.


Our entire platform is designed to streamline project management and collaboration. Create Project Proposals on our platform detailing your creative desires and then invite members to join you on each project. Use our collaboration tools such as the brainstorming pad, discussion room, and more to bring your work to life with your fellow collaborators.

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Whether you're a graphic designer, a musician, writer, dancer, model, actor; Whatever creative field you are interested in: Use our platform to find the perfect creators to network with, build together, and grow together. Our platform allows all content creators to turn their collaborations into NFTs using Solana Blockchain & list them on our Playground NFT Marketplace.

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Playground Protocol is a network OF creators, FOR creators. We are the first networking and collaboration tool using blockchain tech to streamline project collaboration and make it easier for all creative industries to integrate their creative process into NFTs. Making use of our native token $CREATE, users can mint their projects directly from our app into our marketplace for their supporters. We believe in a fully decentralized creative economy where collaboration is encouraged and gatekeeping no longer exists. 


To remove industry gatekeepers who wish to own your intellectual property in order for you to profit from it. Our mission is to promote a level playing field for all content creators to succeed and grow together. Our platform is designed to make is easy to network and collaborate on projects together with other content creators. Expression is a journey of self-discovery; and our platform is the perfect place to push your limits as a creator and find your dream team in the process. 


Playground DAO is the first SocialFi Platform & Collaborative NFT App building on the Solana network. 

Efficient UX/UI to easily find collaborators based on detailed search parameters & orchestrate projects with other users in an efficient and fun way. The entire process of creation has been streamlined within our platform so that everyone can easily come together to accomplish projects and earn CREATE Tokens for the simple act of creation itself.

Creators can smoothly issue NFTs onto our marketplace with just a few clicks



Tokenomics for Solana Blockchain


Supply: 50 Million 

Deflationary Burning Model

DAO Treasury: 40% (LOCKED)

Liquidity Pool: 30% (LOCKED)

Team: 15%

Investors & Partners: 10%

Content Creator Incentive: 5%

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Tel: 310-400-6723

Los Angeles, CA

Nashville, TN



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